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KENT Hand Blender- 150 W, White

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What Is Blender ?

➰ A drenching blender, otherwise called stick blender, smaller than expected blender, hand blender or wand blender, is a kitchen sharp edge processor used to mix fixings or purΓ©e food in the compartment in which they are being readied. 

➰ The drenching blender was concocted in Switzerland by Roger who protected the thought on March 6, 1950. He called the new apparatus, a portmanteau of the French beat and mix . 

➰ Larger drenching blenders for business use are in some cases nicknamed boat engines promoted by Emeril Lagasse and Alton Brown. Utilizations incorporate purΓ©eing soups and emulsifying sauces. 

➰ A stick blender includes an electric engine driving pivoting cutting sharp edges toward the finish of a shaft which can be drenched in the food being mixed, inside a lodging which can be held by hand. Some can be utilized while a dish is on the oven.

➰ Drenching blenders are recognized from worktop blenders and food processors that expect food to be set in an uncommon vessel for handling, and from hand blenders, which blend yet don't hack. 

➰ Models for home and light business use regularly have an immersible shaft length of around 16 centimeters, yet substantial business models are accessible with a shaft up to 53 centimeters or more. 

➰ Home models are accessible in corded or cordless variants. Engine power rating goes from around 120 W[3] to more than 600 W for an uncompromising model. Domestic models might be provided with a cup or different frill.

Condition To Use

  • Variable Speed Control 

  • With the 5 variable speed controls, you can blend various kinds of fixings by essentially turning the handle. This aides in accomplishing the best outcomes for heating and cooking. 

  • Different Beaters for Easy Cooking 

  • Regardless of whether you need to heat a cake, whip eggs, overlay different fixings or blend a few fluids, its various mixers and mixture snares can thoroughly take care of you. 

  • 150W Copper Motor 

  • The elite 150W copper engine won't just meet all your blending and mixing needs viably yet in addition, guarantees life span. 

  • Overheating Protection 

  • Because of the blender's programmed remove include, the machine will consequently close down if there should arise an occurrence of overheating. This likewise expands your item's life.

Features  About This Best Blender

πŸ…° The amazing 150watts blender with copper engine guarantees an extraordinary presentation and life span, individually 

πŸ…° Change the speed with its 5 variable speed controls for blending various fixings 

πŸ…° The in-constructed overheating security will close down the machine in the event of overheating 

πŸ…° Furnished with various blenders and batter snares that make cooking simpler 

πŸ…° Force: 150 watts; Operating Voltage: 220 - 240 volts AC 

πŸ…° Incorporates Kent Hand Blender-150W-01, Beaters-01 Set, Dough Hooks-01 Set, Stand-01, User Manual

Technological Details Of Blender

πŸ…° Item Dimensions : 15.3 x 14.5 x 21.5 cm; 800 Grams 

πŸ…° Date First Available : 19 September 2019 


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πŸ…° ASIN : B07Y5HBH3D 

πŸ…° Thing model number : 16050 

πŸ…° Thing Weight : 800 g 

πŸ…° Thing Dimensions LxWxH : 15.3 x 14.5 x 21.5 Centimeters 

πŸ…° Net Quantity : 16 Numbers 

πŸ…° Included Components : Hand Blender 300 W-01, Beaters-02, Dough Hooks-02, Stand-01, User manual-01 

πŸ…° Conventional Name : Blender

Additional Pros Points 

πŸ”‹ Variable Speed Control

πŸ”‹ Multiple Beaters For Easy Cooking

πŸ”‹ 150W Copper Motor

πŸ”‹ Overheating Protection

πŸ”‹ You Can Also Make Fresh Cream 

πŸ”‹ Very Easy To Use

Additional Cons Points

πŸ”‹ Some Time It Over Heated Due To Regular Use For 30 Minutes 

πŸ”‹ No Warranty

πŸ”‹ Due To Regular Use Parts Were Get Fragile

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Product Quality Excellent Because Kent Company And Many Customer's Are Satisfied About This Product. Very People Have Some Issue Regarding To This Product And We Also Get.

 This Product Last Month At Discount Price And Also Know About This. Our Product Working Like An New Bike , No Issue We Have Faced Till Now And Also Used Lot Much Times At A Day.

As You Compared This Product To Others , This Was Fantastic As Well Low in Cost With Great Efforts.

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